Stop Hazelwood

Stop Hazelwood from spreading

You can help prevent Hazelwood by making sure your state has taken the proper precautions to contain it. There are no known side effects to free speech, making it the best antidote to Hazelwood.

If your state doesn’t have precautions already in place, become an advocate for yourself and others. Explain to your state and local lawmakers the importance of countering Hazelwood’s spread, and tell them how it affects you.

Ongoing efforts to stop Hazelwood

In April 2015, North Dakota’s governor signed The John Wall New Voices Act, which ensures the free-speech rights of journalism students in North Dakota public schools and colleges. The anti-Hazelwood law originated from the University of Jamestown’s civic and citizen journalism class — a passionate journalism professor and his students researched and wrote the bill and got legislators to co-sponsor it. The bill eventually passed unanimously.

You too can help stop Hazelwood. Contact us if you or someone you know is interested in leading the effort in your state. 

Currently, there are seven established Facebook campaigns for curing Hazelwood: New Voices of WisconsinNew Voices of MichiganNew Voices of New JerseyNew Voices of IllinoisNew Voices of MinnesotaNew Voices of New York and New Voices of Maryland. Click to get involved and stay informed. 

In the News

Vaccinate yourself from Hazelwood

The following resources are designed to help you protect yourself from Hazelwood:

  • Know what others have done to treat Hazelwood: This detailed analysis shows how some states have countered the spread of Hazelwood. These examples illustrate proven methods of effectively shutting down Hazelwood.
  • Learn from others. In this video, California State Sen. Leland Yee and Jim Ewert of the California Newspaper Publishers Association talk about how they put in place the nation’s best protection from Hazelwood.

  • For more inspiration, listen to this podcast, where Brian Schraum of Washington and Josh Moore of Kentucky talk about how they convinced their states to introduce anti-Hazelwood legislation (although it unfortunately did not pass).