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Current Status: SB 440, sponsored by Senator Barbara Washington, was introduced on January 4, 2023. Further action is pending as of February 3, 2023.

Previously: The “Cronkite New Voices Act” was first introduced in 2015. It was overwhelmingly approved by the House of representatives in 2019 and has been approved multiple times by House and Senate committees. The legislation has been publicly supported by the Missouri Press Association, the Missouri chapter of the National Education Association, and the ACLU of Missouri.

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Why Missouri needs New Voices
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  • Learn the basics about the Missouri General Assembly here.
  • Contact your state legislators to let them know why this bill is important to you. Find out who your legislators are here. Not sure what to say? Check out our phone script and letter-writing tips here.
  • Refine your thoughts with talking points, a printable flyer and other resources here.
  • Get looped in with volunteer coordinators to let them know about your efforts. And, please get in touch if you are or were a student journalist (or adviser) who was the target of censorship, intimidation or retaliation:
  • Like and follow the New Voices of Missouri Facebook page.
  • Enlist all your friends in Missouri to raise their voices in support of this measure, which ensures the basic First Amendment rights of student journalists and protects their advisers from retaliation.

Why Missouri needs New Voices


Recent news

Missouri Student Journalists, Teachers Hope Bill Will Stop Censorship By School Admins, KBIA, Columbia, Mo. (4-4-2019) The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Craig Fishel, R-Springfield, said he is “knocking on every senator’s door,” hoping it will pass. For Fishel, the bill is personal: His wife, now retired, would tell him about cases where school officials censored her students when she was a journalism teacher in Springfield.

Cronkite Act needs to pass, Republic Monitor, Perryville, Mo. (2-15-2018) We never did report on anything scandalous or inappropriate, but the school was afraid that we would. As a result, the people in charge decided to ban our newspaper from campus and cut us from the journalism class.

It’s freedom of speech’: Student journalists testify for New Voices Act. (2/6/2019) The Missourian, Columbia, Mo.

TKC testifies in support of Cronkite New Voices Act, (2-7-2019) The Kirkwood (Mo.) Call, Kirkwood High School

OPINION: Stark: Missouri needs a New Voices law to protect student journalists, (1-28-2019), The Standard, Missouri State University, Springfield

Missouri can fix the Supreme Court’s mistake about freedom of the student press, (5-9-2018), The Kansas City Star

Student journalists in Missouri would be shielded from censorship under proposal, (2-15-2018) St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Do not silence students, (2-7-2016) News-Press, St. Joseph, Mo.

Background on past efforts

Missouri scraps student press freedom bill for third year in a row, Student Press Law Center (5-21-2018)