Neha Madhira

Neha Madhira, a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, is a journalist, activist and feminist. A press censorship battle over Eagle Nation Online while a student at Prosper (Texas) High School was covered by The New York Times and The Dallas Morning News

The censorship experience inspired Madhira to advocate for student free press laws in her state and around the country. Madhira received the first Young Journalist award by the Women’s Media Center in 2018, gave a talk at TED Women about the importance of the New Voices legislation for student journalists and wrote an op-ed for CNN about student press freedom. She continued her work with the Student Press Law Center by serving as its first Nick Ferentino New Voices Fellow during the summer of 2019. Madhira is currently a breaking news reporter at The Daily Texan and an editorial board member of the WMC’s F-Bomb.