SPLC’s Impact

Highlights from 2019

2019 was the Year of the Student Journalist. SPLC continued our core work of fighting censorship at every turn and answering every inquiry to our free legal hotline, while also opening a new era for New Voices, reaching student journalists in new ways through our Virtual Speakers Bureau, helping shape the law through amicus briefs, breaking news stories about student media and more.

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Impact stories

A few words from our friends and fans

  • From a column by The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan:
    “In recent months, millions of dollars in donations have rained down upon journalism organizations … But one tiny outfit, working out of a windowless Washington office, has not benefited. That’s unfortunate since its constituency — vast numbers of high school and college journalists — is far bigger than the number of professional journalists.” 
  • From a Columbia Journalism Review story: “Groups like the SPLC —dedicated to First Amendment and media law, and doing impactful work, but not as well known as some of its bigger brethren — deserve attention.” 

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