Back to School 2019

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New for fall 2019:

SPLC Virtual Speaker Bureau
Let us meet you in your newsroom!  Invite an SPLC expert to come speak to your class or newsroom via Zoom video conference. Speakers will join you for up to 40 minutes (including Q & A) and can present on one of the following selected topics:

• High school student press freedom
• Copyright
• Freedom of Information / public records
• Libel and defamation

To schedule a speaker, please fill out the Student Press Law Center Virtual Speakers Bureau request form, give us a few scheduling options, and please provide at least 10 business days’ advance notice. Slots are set to eastern time.

All presentations will be conducted on the free Zoom video conferencing platform (download Zoom here).

Teaching Resources

As you start the school year, advisers have a variety of important things to remember as you set the tone for your relationship with your students, and ensure that the journalists and news organization you advise operates efficiently – and lawfully.

Strong journalism is your best defense

The best way to avoid trouble is to do good journalism! Here are a few resources to make sure you know the law and understand your rights.

Use our fun quizzes to evaluate your understanding of media law
How to proactively confront censorship
• Top 10 FAQ from high school journalists
• Top 10 FAQ  from college journalists
• Top 10 FAQ from yearbook students
Student Media Guide to Internet Law
Avoiding plagiarism in student media