California high school newspaper’s sex issue leads to sexual harassment complaint

After a group of four parents sent a complaint to the principal and the superintendent asking for the article to be removed from the NPHS website because it violated the state’s sex education law and the family and penal sections of the California education code, the Conejo Valley Unified School District addressed the controversy at its meeting Tuesday.

Kentucky legislators, ACLU butt heads on freedom of expression bill

During his 40 years as a legislator, Kentucky Senator Albert Robinson has kept a consistent platform: God, gun, country and family, a commitment which prompted his latest legislation: a bill aimed at reinforcing students’ religious and political freedom of speech.

Texas bill would require private college police departments to make records publicly available

Sen. John Whitmire proposed a bill on Jan. 15 to amend the Texas Education Code to require police departments at private colleges to follow the state’s public records law just like other law enforcement agencies. The bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice, which has not yet set a date for a public hearing.

2015 World Press Freedom Index shows dwindling press freedom worldwide

The United States fell three places in the index after a tumultuous year for American journalists, according to the nonprofit organization, which works to promote freedom of information and freedom of the press.

Western Illinois U. editor reinstated after suspension for freelancing video of campus brawl

Administrators at Western Illinois University lifted the student newspaper editor’s suspension Monday — nearly two weeks after they removed him from his job because he sold a video of campus police officers’ response to a fight.

University presidents in New Mexico push for new exemptions in state public records law

The changes would exempt documents that identity the applicants for any public-sector job in the state, documents regarding alleged civil rights violations and proprietary university research. The amendment would give law enforcement agencies broader discretion to withhold from the public records that could “interfere with law enforcement proceedings” or constitute an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”