Online Citizenship

Hysteria over cruelty on social media is fueling panicky legislation exposing young people to “zero tolerance” suspensions, expulsions and prosecutions for harmless online speech. North Carolina has even made mocking a school official online punishable by a year in jail – but only if you’re a student. Cyberbullying is awful and its consequences can be… Continue reading Online Citizenship

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Cyberbullying bill in Ala. could criminalize students’ online speech

Sen. Arthur Orr introduced a bill on March 3 that would make it a crime if a student posts personal, private or sexual information on social media with the intent to “intimidate or torment” another student or school employee. The law would punish students for all statements — “whether true or false” — that are likely to provoke the stalking or harassment of a student or employee.

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As school officials work to counter cyberbullying, state lawmakers ensure student off-campus privacy isn’t trampled

While school officials often say such searches are necessary to combat cyberbullying and other illegal activity, several lawmakers and free speech advocates argue efforts to regulate off-campus speech are an invasion of students’ privacy.

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Miss. bill could allow schools to punish students for off-campus social media posts

The bill would make it a misdemeanor if students post to social media to “intimidate or torment” another student or school employee. The bill would also criminalize statements — even if they are true — that are intended or are likely to provoke a third party to stalk or harass a student or school employee.