New Voices of Wisconsin is a movement to guarantee student journalists the freedom to bring the public the news. Right now, student journalists in the state do not have any extra protections guaranteed by state law — leaving students and their advisers vulnerable to censorship and retaliation for simply reporting the truth.

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“I want to help [my students] develop the many skills they need for reporting, designing, communicating, decision-making. I want to see them grow into thoughtful, caring adults with a passion for fairness, truth and telling stories that need to be heard. I don’t want to see them stifled, wary, overly cautious, fearful of what they can report. But that can happen when they are subject to prior review. Students censor themselves.”

Linda Barrington, executive director of Kettle Moraine Press Association

In August, the Kettle Moraine Press Association, the Northeast Wisconsin Scholastic Press Association and the Wisconsin College Media Association formed a coalition to draft anti-censorship legislation and garner support. To get involved or to learn more about the movement, email newvoiceswi [at] gmail.com.

The Wisconsin legislature will convene January 12, 2016.

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