Strategic Vision

The Student Press Law Center will use the law to help students of all ages meaningfully participate in civic life and learn essential skills, ethics and values through the vehicle of journalism. The SPLC will:

  • Create greater awareness of, and protection for, the rights of students to gather and distribute news and commentary,
  • Provide training and opportunities for students to use their voices to influence public policy,
  • Educate the entire education community about the responsible use of technology to share ideas, and
  • Improve students’ access to essential documents and meetings, and teach them to put the knowledge gained to productive use.

SPLC Strategic Plan

In October 2009, the SPLC Board of Directors unanimously approved a new Vision Statement as part of the SPLC’s 2010-15 Strategic Plan. This new statement better reflects the SPLC’s central role not merely in providing information but in affirmatively remedying instances of unlawful censorship or denial of access to public information, and they recognize the vital importance of serving all students engaged in gathering and disseminating information, not just those enrolled in traditional journalism programs.

The plan was updated in the summer of 2012.