Indiana journalism teacher settles First Amendment lawsuit involving newspaper, yearbook

An Indiana high school newspaper and yearbook adviser has settled her lawsuit against Greater Clark County Schools, though the terms are not yet known.Kelly Short sued the public school corporation in January, claiming school officials retaliated against her for supporting the First Amendment rights of students.

S.D.-area school officials lose jobs after raiding student extracurricular accounts

One of the most distressing calls we get on the Student Press Law Center's hotline is some variation of this one: "We came back from summer break and discovered that all the money in our yearbook account is gone, and nobody will tell us where it went."Cash-strapped schools undoubtedly are tempted by any pot of money, even one that is earmarked for a student organization, in their desperation to pay the bills.

Va. administrators score a Muzzle award for spiking PE editorial

Albemarle High School joined the ranks of the Obama administration, airport security and the Smithsonian on Wednesday – and not in a good way.Administrators at the Charlottesville, Va., school were given a Jefferson Muzzle award Wednesday following a 2010 spat involving the school’s student newspaper.As the SPLC reported in June, copies of The Revolution were confiscated and destroyed because of an editorial suggesting student athletes be able to opt out of PE class.