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SPLC and Student Press Freedom Day swag

We’ve got all kinds of SPLC swag including shirts, hats, mugs and bags. You can find Year of the Student Journalist gear too! 25 percent of each purchase benefits SPLC.


Support the SPLC’s mission to protect and advocate for the rights of student journalists.

$120 high school publication/department, $120 college publication/department, $300 non-student state journalism education organization

Law of the Student Press

Student journalists aren’t simply “trainees” – each day, tens of thousands of them deliver news and commentary on which their entire communities (students and non-students alike) rely to stay fully informed. Law of the Student Press is an essential reference tool for any classroom, newsroom or studio where journalists are being trained. In layman’s language, it explains how to use the law to safely gather and share information, how to defend against threats to press freedom, and how to stay on the right side of copyright, libel and privacy law. This book represents 40-plus years of research and hands-on experience by the attorney staff of the Student Press Law Center, the leading provider of legal training and research in support of student journalists everywhere

Price: $21