New Voices of Minnesota is a movement to guarantee student journalists the freedom to bring the public the news. Right now, student journalists in the state do not have any extra protections guaranteed by state law — leaving students and their advisers vulnerable to censorship and retaliation for simply reporting the truth.

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“The sooner students and possibly one day journalists can learn the importance and gravity of their jobs to society – the better. I like that this bill helps foster civic engagement – that’s something we should all be encouraging in our high school students. Nurturing these concepts of free speech, investigation, and integrity will make better citizens out of our students.”

Sen. Susan Kent, co-sponsor of the New Voices of Minnesota bill

Supported by the Minnesota High School Press Association, a New Voices bill was introduced in March by Rep. Cheryl Youakim and Sen. Susan Kent. The bill would protect K-12 student journalists from administrative censorship. To get involved or learn about the movement, email newvoicesmn [at] gmail.com.