Gabriel Greschler, Reporting Intern

Gabriel Greschler is a junior politics major and journalism minor at the University of San Francisco (USF). Greschler was opinion editor of the San Francisco Foghorn in fall 2016 and news editor in fall 2017. He has written about Title IX policy, students utilizing online dating services to pay for college, and a felon-turned-student trying to go to law school. Greschler co-created the nationally recognized Trump 101 Podcast, an independent project which documents the Trump administration’s effect on university students. The Trump 101 Podcast has featured DACA students, law and media professors, and USF President Father Paul Fitzgerald. In addition, Greschler was also an intern at KALW Radio (an NPR affiliate) in summer 2017. You will likely catch him with a cup of decaf coffee listening to A Tribe Called Quest.

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