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New Voices of Florida is a movement to guarantee student journalists in the state the freedom to report without fear of consequence. Right now, there is no added protection against administrative censorship for high school or college journalists and their advisers, leaving them vulnerable to censorship for simply reporting the truth.

“The punchline here is: College media rarely “win” these [censorship] battles, but if they always fight with a smile, they’ll never lose. In this millennium alone, FAU (Florida Atlantic University) has, among other things… tried locking students out of its newsroom, illegally frozen its budget, fired its adviser, threatened the editor with student conduct court if she met with that adviser even off campus…yet FAU’s student journalists have always gotten the last laugh, then landed good jobs. That’s because you value most what you must fight to keep. And FAU loves to pick a fight.”

Michael Koretzky, former adviser at Florida Atlantic University and current writer for SMACK, a Society of Professional Journalists Blog Network blog

The campaign — led by Dori Zinn, president of SPJ Florida — is still in its early stages. To get involved or learn more, contact dzinn [at] gmail.com

The Florida legislature will convene on January 12, 2016.