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Journalism educators, has your ability to teach been affected by the recent onslaught of legislation prohibiting concepts like gender, race and sexuality from being addressed in the classroom? Have you been pressured by parents or administrators to censor your students? Have your students published a story that made a difference on campus? Are you struggling to balance your obligations to your journalists and your concerns or confusion regarding laws about what you can and cannot say? Are you feeling exhausted and alone?

You are not alone. The Student Press Law Center wants to hear from you. 

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Call the Adviser Vent Space and leave us a message about the things you’ve been struggling with this year or stories of your success. The Vent Space is a safe, confidential space to tell your story and share your experiences. You can leave your story anonymously and use the space as a place to share your frustrations, or you can let us know that you are open to your story being shared (either anonymously or with attribution.)  If you choose to share it, your stories may be used to shine a light on the unique and often unrecognized challenges of being a student media adviser in recent years. They will help the public understand what is happening inside your schools, to let other advisers know they are not alone, and help SPLC identify and respond to issues as they emerge. 

This resource is a safe, confidential place for you to share your story but it is not the SPLC Legal Hotline and your message will not be returned. If you need legal assistance or you have a specific legal question, contact the Student Press Law Center’s Legal Hotline, and the JEA Scholastic Press Rights Committee