Montclair State paper finally prints after student government releases some money

The Montclarion printed its first issue of the semester Jan. 31after Montclair State University’s Student Government Association voted totemporarily lift a freeze on the student newspaper’s budget.

In a Jan. 30 meeting that lasted more than five hours, student legislatorsvoted 12-0, with seven abstentions, to allow The Montclarion to use someof its funds for 30 days. During this time, a university administrator isexpected to help mediate between the SGA and the paper.

SGA President Ron Chicken informed The Montclarion of the budgetfreeze in a letter on Jan. 22. The weekly paper could not print its first issueof the semester because of the freeze.

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SPLC View: The madness continues. The ongoing acts of MontclairUniversity’s student government are a good reminder of why the country’sfounders agreed the very first amendment to the new Constitution should be astrong shield that protects the press from intrusions and censorship by thosewielding power, particularly those in positions that make them obvious subjectsof press coverage, such as Mr. Chicken here.