Suspended Indiana adviser settles with school district, will move to another school

A newspaper adviser suspended by her schooldistrict after the student newspaper she advises published a column on tolerancefor homosexuals reached a settlement April 26 that removes her from advising,but saves her job and brings some closure to a conflict that began inJanuary.
Amy Sorrell, English teacher and adviser of TheTomahawk, a student newspaper at Woodlan Junior-Senior High School, said anagreement was reached between her attorneys and the district’s attorney, TimMcCawley, that will guarantee her an English teaching position in the district,but at a different school. She will not be allowed to teach journalism or advisea student publication for three years.
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SPLCView: The suspension and disgraceful treatment of Ms. Sorrell prompted acoalition of 16 state and national organizations (including the SPLC) this monthto urge parents and others to rally behind students who, under the guidance of aqualified journalism educator, seek to practice journalism at school and learnthe valuable lessons it teaches. The coalition noted that the situation Sorrelland her students faced has become increasingly common, with journalism advisersbeing attacked and their jobs threatened simply for standing up for the rightsof their students to report accurately and have their voices heard on issuesthat are important to them. The coalition’s full statement is available at: