Student papers at New Jersey university stolen after aticle names alleged drug distributors

Campus police at Rowan University are investigatingthe March 1 theft of roughly 600 copies of the student newspaper, TheWhit, after it published the names of two students who were arrested oncharges of possession and intent to distribute marijuana.
GeorgeBrelsford, The private school’s interim vice president for student affairs senta campus-wide e-mail that condemned the theft as a “threat to both free speechand freedom of the press.”
“Those responsible will be subject toboth criminal and campus disciplinary action,” he said in theletter.
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SPLCView: Kudos to administrators at Rowan for taking the strong stand they havein defense of free speech. Sadly, despite an increase in newspaper theftsreported to the SPLC last fall, such vocal condemnation and defense of a freepress by college officials remains rare.
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