Middle school student arrested for distributing underground publication with explosive instructions

NEVADA — A 15-year-old Carson Valley Middle School student was arrested at school on Feb. 1 for making threats against the school by distributing an underground publication that contained “recipes” for explosives, according to police officials.

A copy of the student’s two-page print-out, called the “CVMS Underground,” was found in the school and reported to school officials, according to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tom Mezzetta. He said the police believe there were only a few copies which were supposedly made at the student’s home and were eventually confiscated.

Douglas County School District Superintendent Carol Lark said that the situation was controlled quickly once the publication was discovered.

“My understanding is that the newspaper was discovered in the library, sitting on a table, and was immediately brought to the attention of school officials,” Lark said, according to the Nevada Appeal, a newspaper in Carson City.

Lark and middle school Principal Dr. Nancy Evans did not return phone calls seeking comment.

“There was a recipe in there on how to make explosives,” Mezzetta said. “Our biggest concern of course is that a child could concoct the explosive and either hurt themselves or others.”

Mezzetta said he could not disclose the remaining content of the publication or if individual names were listed as targets.

After the arrest, the student was released to the juvenile probation office, Mezzetta said. The current status of the student could not be released. According to the Nevada Appeal, the student was not held in custody because no direct threats to individuals were made.

By Erica Hudock, SPLC staff writer