High school editor files complaint with Texas principal following censorship of teen sex topics

The editor of the Danbury High School student newspaper has filed a formalcomplaint with the principal after he refused to distribute a December issuefeaturing stories on its front page covering teenage sexuality, students withchildren and sexually transmitted diseases. 

The school principal stopped distribution, saying the topics were notage-appropriate for high school students and a local newspaper quoted schoolofficials as saying they objected to the article because they felt it did notreflect the values of taxpayers.
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SPLCView: With all the truly outrageous or “unique” acts of administrativecensorship that take place and that tend to fill the pages of SPLC publications,it’s worth including one that is much more typical. There is nothing flashy orexceptional about what is happening at Danbury High School and, more often thannot, it’s the sort of censorship case we deal with a number of times each weekand that would usually fly under the public’s radar, known only to the students,the local community and the SPLC staff. Its “routineness,” however, makes itmore, not less lamentable.