Ohio principal pulls student magazine column crtical of football team

After aschool’s principal censored a high school magazine article critical of thefootball team, the school superintendent last month announced he will broadenschool officials’ oversight of the publication. 

The staff ofOdin’s Word, Princeton High School’s magazine, was told tophysically remove the two pages from the more than 2,000 copies of the December2006 issue that contained junior Evan Payne’s column.

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SPLCView: As they say, you don’t criticize a person’s politics, religion —or apparently his high school football team. What a sad state of affairs thatthe desire to protect the reputation of a school’s football team somehow trumpsthe obligation of school officials to their teach students about the importanceof a free press. And not only did the principal here yank the two pages thatcontained the opinion column, the superintendent has said that school officialswill be changing the school’s publication guidelines and watching — whichmeans,  likely censoring — student media even more closely in thefuture. It’s probably just in time: At 4-6 in their conference, Princeton HighSchool’s boys bowling team also looks to be having a bit of a roughyear.