New classroom presentations provide instruction on press freedom and media law topics for student journalists

The StudentPress Law Center announced this month the creation of three new classroompresentations to assist high school journalism teachers in educating theirstudents about press freedom and other common media law topics as they headedback to school this fall.

The creation of these PowerPointpresentations, which are available for free on the SPLC Web site, was supportedby a grant from the Newspaper Association of America Foundation.

Thefirst of what will be a five-part series, the presentations — Press LawPrimer for High School Student Journalists, Press Freedom for High SchoolStudent Journalists and Copyright Law for High School Student Journalists— are accompanied by detailed teacher presentation notes and should enableteachers to provide accurate, useful information about the law to theirstudents, no matter their level of media law expertise.

Thepresentations can be downloaded from the SPLC Web site at:

SPLC View: If you haven’t already done so, check these out.Because the SPLC staff doesn’t have the ability to visit every high schoolstudent newsroom in the country to help sort through the various legal issuesthat student news organizations regularly confront, these may be the next bestthing. In addition to our new presentations, don’t forget to test your knowledgeof student press law by taking our quiz at:
It’s a great refresher for your entire student media staff — and agood start toward making this year legal-problem free!