Student magazine settles suit filed by nude model who alleged privacy invasion

ILLINOIS — All defendants have reached a settlement with a nude figure model who claimed a student-run magazine at Columbia College violated her privacy when it published photographs of her without consent.

Charles Lee Mudd Jr., the model’s lawyer, said the terms of the settlement agreement are confidential. The suit was filed confidentially.

Two photographs of the model posing nude for a life drawing class appeared in the Winter/Spring 2003 edition of ECHO magazine and accompanied an article about nude modeling. One of the photos showed the model from the waist down with her back turned, and the other showed her out of focus in the background.

Before any photos were taken, the model and photographer Brian Morowczynski discussed the shoot. The figure model alleged that the photographer for ECHO magazine said he would not include her in the pictures he was taking for the article. The photographer claims he made no such deal, and that in a discussion before the shoot he, the class’s professor and the model agreed that she could be photographed.

The lawsuit named six defendants: Columbia College, ECHO magazine, Morowczynski, the student author of the article and two ECHO magazine advisers.

The model claimed the photos violated her right to privacy, harmed her reputation, caused her a loss of commercial gain and caused her emotional distress. She had also asked for out-of-pocket expenses to cover cost associated with the lawsuit.

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