Harvard reconsiders approval of student sex magazine

Onlydays after gaining the approval of Harvard University, a new student magazinethat would feature nude Harvard students is at risk of losing its funding andits status as an officially recognized student publication.

The HarvardCommittee on College Life approved the H-Bomb, a sex-themed magazine, ata Feb. 9 meeting.

But after heavy media attention, the committee isreconsidering its decision. The private university is concerned that themagazine might publish material deemed pornographic.

“The committee willbe reviewing the proposal with the students to make sure there is a clearunderstanding that the organization will not be involved in the dissemination ofpornographic material,” according to a statement released by the university Feb.12.

Two Harvard students, Camilla Hrdy and Katharina Baldegg, proposedthe magazine as “a sex magazine that will hopefully be run by students of allsexual orientations and backgrounds,” Baldegg told The Harvard Crimson inits Feb. 11 edition. She said the magazine will also include art and fictionarticles.

The magazine is not the first of its kind. Squirm, amagazine that features nude co-eds is published at Vassar College in New York.Members of the committee looked through Squirm before approving theH-Bomb.