Tenn. attorney general limits new law meant to open discipline records

TENNESSEE —- Colleges and universities inTennessee can choose not to release certain student discipline records despite anew law that was intended to require the release of those records, the stateattorney general said last week. The law, enacted May 12, was intendedto require public universities to release student discipline records so that thepublic would have an accurate picture of the prevalence of campus crime, saidstate Rep. Harry Brooks, R-Knoxville, who co-sponsored the bill with Sen. TimBurchett, R-Knoxville.Instead, Attorney General Paul G. Summers issuedan advisory opinion Oct. 27 that stated the law’s wording does not mandate therelease of the records, it simply permits their disclosure.In hisopinion, Summers said the law “does not make previously confidential studentinformation public record

Read attorney general’s opinion here.

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