Newspapers stolen for second time in one week at Fla. university

FLORIDA —- For the second time in aweek, copies of the student newspaper at the University of Central Florida havebeen stolen from campus distribution locations.Brian Linden, publisherof The Future, said that after the first incident on Oct. 9, thenewspaper decided not to pursue the incident with campus or localpolice.But Sports Editor Ashley Burns said he witnessed the second thefton Oct. 16, and editors at The Future called upon police and schoolofficials to conduct an investigation into the thefts.”For somereason, I just see this girl and I realize that she’s got a stack ofnewspapers about a foot-and-a-half high, heading toward the trash can”Burns said of the second theft. In addition to the first woman, Burnssaid that he saw three other women in the student union throwing out largestacks of newspapers. When he yelled at them to stop, they dispersed, hesaid.Burns is confident that he could recognize the women if he saw themagain, but he said he could not name them.Though Linden did not have figuresfor the number of papers stolen or the total money lost in the first theft, heestimated that the second theft involved about 1,000 of TheFuture‘s 14,000 print run, costing the paper approximately $1,000 inlosses.Linden said he is pressing campus and local police, as well asthe school’s Office of Student Conduct, to conduct aninvestigation.”Before this happened, I didn’t even realizemyself that this [stealing free newspapers] is theft,” Linden said.”I filed a report with the police and tried to convince them that,indeed, this was a criminal act,” he said. ”Basically, [the localpolice] want a letter from the district attorney that says that this issomething prosecutable,” before they investigate.Campus police didnot return requests for comment.Linden said he believed the two theftswere unrelated incidents and were not carried out by the same people. Lindenwould not speculate about what prompted either theft.