Student/professional media partnership pays off

Thisschool year, 38 high schools nationwide can buy the hardware and softwarenecessary to produce their school newspapers because of a grant awarded to themby American Society of Newspaper Editors.

The ASNE Foundation collected$147,366 to fund the equipment upgrades as part of the Partnership Programbetween high schools and 33 daily newspapers, whose reporters and editors willtrain and mentor students, teachers and administrators throughout the academicyear.

After a partnership is formed, the professional newspaper, schooland sometimes a local college journalism program apply to ASNE for a grant of upto $5,000. A budget, statement of goals and timeline are required. Since itsinception in 2001, Partnership grants have awarded a total nearly $330,000 toapproximately 90 schools partnered with about 70 daily newspapers.

“TheASNE Partnerships strengthen an understanding of the First Amendment anddemocracy. It’s a unique opportunity for high school journalists and newspaperpros to work and learn together,” said Judy Pace Christie, 2002-03 chair ofASNE’s High School Journalism Committee and editor of The Times inShreveport , La.