Newspaper thieves elude police at Florida A&M U.

FLORIDA – Two months after nearly the entire press runof The Famuan was stolen from Florida A&M University,police have come up with few leads in the case.

All but 100 of 3,000 copies printed on Nov. 1 were taken priorto distribution, adviser Valerie White said. When students tooka bundle to the adviser’s secretary, they returned to find thepapers missing.

White said the issue was reprinted later in the day for $800.She said the crime could amount to a felony of grand theft.

Those responsible and the reason for the theft remain a mysteryto campus police. Lt. Louis Wichers said the department has takensome countermeasures to protect the paper from future thefts.He added, "We have nothing solid to press criminal charges."

White said students were hoping police would have some resultswhen editors met with the chief later this week to discuss relationsbetween the two groups.

The paper contained an article about a hazing incident involvingthe college band, White said, leading some students to think itmight have played a role.

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