Newspaper recovers two-thirds of stolen copies

PENNSYLVANIA — The Bloomsburg University student newspaperon Thursday recovered two-thirds of 2000 newspapers that had beenstolen earlier in the day.

Seth Bordner, editor of the The Voice, said the papers– which he believes were stolen by students angered by a front-pagephoto — were returned to the newspaper office by university policeseveral hours after the paper received reports of missing issuesaround campus.

Bordner said he believes the thieves were angry about a photographof emergency personnel carrying a student who collapsed and laterdied while playing football Monday.

According to Bordner, police officers discovered the missingnewspapers in the dorm of the deceased student.

Bordner said 5,000 newspapers were delivered around 2:45 p.m.Thursday. An hour later he received several calls from a maidand two students who said they were upset by the picture.

"Two girls who lived in the same dorm as the student whodied called and told us not to be surprised if some papers turnedup missing," Bordner said. "Within an hour we were gettingphone calls from students and staff asking us if the paper hadbeen distributed."According to Bordner, the Feb. 9 issue will be redistributed toselected areas on campus this week.

"What happened was unfortunate, but grief is not a licenseto steal," he said. "Those students who were upset bythis article cannot prevent the other 7,500 students on campusfrom reading the paper."