Prosecutor seeks student reporters’ notes on election fraud

WISCONSIN — A story published by the student newspaperat Marquette University that featured students who claimed theyvoted more than once in the presidential election prompted a Milwaukeeprosecutor to pay a visit to the newspaper’s office.

University officials refused to allow Assistant District AttorneyMichael Mahoney to see the notes of reporters who covered thestory, however. The dean of the college of communications andthe adviser to the Marquette Tribune said they told Mahoneyhow the reporters got their information but would not allow himto enter the newsroom.

The Marquette Tribunepublished the results of a surveyin which 174 of the 1,000 students polled claimed to have votedmore than once in the presidential election in its Nov. 13 issue.The survey was conducted by Tribunereporters who polledstudents by phone and in person but promised respondents thatthey would remain anonymous. The survey was part of an investigationinto voting fraud and irregularities at the polling places whereMarquette students could vote.