New York college agrees to make room for public at meetings

A New York Supreme Court judge approved a settlement reached between the City University of New York and two men who sued the board of regents for allegedly violating state open-meeting laws.

William Crain, a CUNY professor, and David Suker, a graduate student from the university, withdrew their lawsuit against CUNY after reaching a settlement Aug. 14 that will ensure the public has access to the university’s board meetings as well as a place to sit or stand.

“I believe the settlement is very fair and benefits the entire CUNY community,” said Ron Minkoff, Crain’s attorney in a press release. “It supports a law that is central to a democratic society.”

Under the settlement, the public is ensured a specific number of seats and standing spaces at all CUNY board meetings. Those seats will be doled out on first come, first serve basis.

Crain and Suker sued the board of regents for purposely holding board meetings in rooms that were too small for the number of people expected to attend.