Student suspended for Web site settles lawsuit against school district

ARKANSAS — A Jonesboro student who was suspended fora Web site he created settled his lawsuit against the Valley ViewSchool District in August.

The settlement, which came after two days of testimony in thecase, allowed 10th-grader Justin Redman to start school with hisclassmates on August 21.

Redman was suspended from Valley View Junior High School forthe last 10 days of school in June for what school officials called"inappropriate" Internet use. As a result, Redman missedall of his exams, causing him to fail his classes. The AmericanCivil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the school districton Redman’s behalf, asking that he be allowed to make up the workhe missed, enter the 10th grade in the fall with no restrictionsand have the incident removed from his record.

Although she said the details of the settlement were confidential,ACLU of Arkansas Executive Director Rita Sklar said she was "pleased"with the outcome.