College privacy case settled

\nPENNSYLVANIA – An invasion of privacy case involving the\nuse of a college student’s image has been settled out of court.\n

Koran Christian, who graduated from Lafayette College in 1996,\nsued the school in 1997 when he discovered the school had used\na photo of him and his mother on a financial aid brochure. Christian\nfelt that he believed he had been injured because the brochure\nincluded information about financial aid opportunities, and his\nimage was intended to portray a single black mother and her son,\nwhich in his eyes was stereotypical.

The implication was false, according to Christian, as his father\nwas present at the time the photo was taken but was not in the\nphoto.

Christian claimed that the photo in the 1996-97 brochure caused\nhis friends to doubt his integrity for not telling them about\nbeing on financial aid, when in fact he had never received financial\naid. The complaint also stated the family had suffered feelings\nof racial oppression, anxiety and embarrassment.

Christian’s lawyer, Milton Savage, would not disclose any information\nabout the settlement, simply stating that it had been resolved.